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Custom Metal Fabrication for Commercial Roofing Projects

Metal fabrication is the creation of metal structures by manipulating metal to assemble a product. These custom components will avoid gaps and sealant use on ill-fitting sheet metal edges, which is a known cause of leaking roofs.

Our UL-listed fabrication shop is a full-service fabrication shop that is unlike any you’ll see from a typical commercial roofing contractor. Aside from standard roofing sheet metal fabrication, we also have an in-house welding and machine shop. For a more personalized approach to each roofing job, we fabricate our own custom roof curbs, roof drains, mechanical adapters, and a variety of other custom parts needed for any application, roofing or not.

Panel machine​

Our multiple roll forming machines have several different tooling sets, allowing us to help you select the best roof or wall panel for your needs. Our roll-formers can fabricate panels directly onto the roof, saving on shipping and crating costs, as well as eliminating panel size restrictions (as is the case with all freight delivery.) Our roll-formers are backed by multiple manufacturers and the panels we produce are eligible for their complete No-Dollar-Limit warranties. This means that no matter the job size, Rio Roofing, Inc. can promise roofs that are safe, slick, and consistent.

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High Quality - Completely Custom

Curved Panels

Curved roof? Unique accents? We handle it. In addition to continuous panels, we create curved panels in various sizes and materials using our multiple curve machines. While curved panel making is sometimes down to luck and magic, our curver is reliable and consistent, creating the uniform pieces that you need.

Custom Curbing

Need a roof to fit chimneys? Skylights? Or an HVAC system? Rio Roofing, Inc. has the unique ability to custom-make your metal roof to fit the exact dimensions of your building. Roof curbs are vital in anchoring equipment and keeping out moisture and debris, so our full-spectrum metal shop means that we tailor our structures to fit every shape. No exceptions – Rio Roofing, Inc. can do it all.

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Professional Welding

Our full-scope metal craftsmanship means that our roofs are completed with an accurate and lasting welding technique.

With specialized knowledge in TIG welding, aluminum, and stainless steel, Rio Roofing, Inc. can make and weld: curbs, structural brackets, ladders, and more.

Having skilled welders on our team means that we oversee every detail of your project to ensure a precise fit on all components, efficiently use materials to save costs, and prevent delays due to errors or mistakes.

Whether it’s our tailor-made panels, our artful curved panels, or our custom curbing, we ensure that we weld every piece of your roof to create a durable, finished product that exhibits excellence.

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