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Rio Roofing, Inc., is a friendly, family owned business that blends three generations of expertise in the field of commercial roofing with an engaging work environment. Our team of management, supervisors, roofers, and sheet metal workers execute large scale roofing projects throughout South Texas.

Our benefits include:

  • PTO Packages
  • Overtime
  • Continuing education and career advancement
  • Travel lodging for remote projects
  • Travel per diem
  • PPE & tools provided
  • Company-issued vehicles (for supervisors)
  • Company-issued cell phones (for supervisors)
  • Spanish-speaking/bilingual workplace
  • Uniform service
  • Company cookouts
  • Company hunting lease
  • Employer paid dental and vision
  • Employer paid minor medical
  • Ancillary benefits
    *Wait periods apply

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